About Us

The RY Project was founded by two yoga teachers and budding entrepreneurs looking to spread yoga and social entrepreneurship. With the vision of making a difference…

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Yoga is a wonderful way to relax one’s body, ease one’s body, and restore one’s soul.  Every body moves in its own unique way, every mind is wired differently…

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Our mission is to help you rejuvenate yourself. We’ve created a place here where you can come, unwind, and release years of stress…

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The RY Project Needs Your Help!


The RY Project aims to use yoga as a vehicle for education and social entrepreneurship with service to the world community. Our goal is to not only help you rejuvenate yourself, but to help bring the principles and tranquility of yoga to those around the world. For those who would be transformed by learning how to reach in for power rather than reach out, we plan to donate our time and skills to change our part of the world, “one downward dog at a time.”